Makeup Artist

Beauty - sfx - permanent

Makeup Artist

Beauty - sfx - permanent

About diane


My name is DIane Lorenzana and I am a beauty, special effects makeup artist and permanent makeup artist based in Los Angeles. I’m originally from Manila, Philippines and worked as a freelance makeup artist there for 4 years before coming to Los Angeles and furthering my education and finishing the Master Makeup Program in Cinema Makeup School. After which, I went on to finish cosmetology and earn my state license.

I have experience working for different events ranging from weddings, parties, fashion shows, concerts, etc. to commercials, full length films, advertising and the like. I’ve also competed in several Makeup Competitions including the ‘Battle of the Brushes’ at the International Makeup Artist Trade Show last 2015 and won the overall Makeup Championship at LA Comic Con in 2016.

Beauty Makeup


Fashion Editorials, Events, Weddings, Fashion Shows, Award shows, Movie Premieres, Photo shoots, etc.

Special Effects Makeup


Wounds, Cuts, Bruises, Creatures, Old Age and Character Makeup

For Film, TV, short films, independent features, events, etc.



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